Two words really come to mind when thinking about the team at Stories in Motion - Talent and Class. Im a Group Trainer for a well known gym in the city and I was lucky enough to experience this first hand myself when they came in to film one of our HIIT sessions . The end result was far beyond any of our expectations! They captured the core essence of what it is we actually do - which one would imagine is difficult for a 1min clip of vision only. But at the same, time highly essential as its our only Promo video! They really hit the nail on the head with it. Even the track they played over the top was epic! It really fitted the environment, and got you pumped for a hard gym session just by watching. All this without hardly any request, expectations or descriptions on my part. I totally left it in their hands and... Wow! They just get it. I barely even knew they were there. Like I said, Talent and Class.

Kiki Levy-Anders - F45 Personal Trainer

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